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About this Magazine

Diverse Edmonton is bringing you stories about our city, its diverse communities, the attractive field of education, its rich arts & colorful entertainment, and all about our lifestyle and life here in Edmonton, Alberta. Don’t miss out on what’s around.

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Message from Diverse Edmonton

Delwar Jahid

Fellow Citizens and Inhabitants of Edmonton,

I was really impressed by the friendliness of Edmontonians when I first moved to Edmonton back in 2008. I have seen significant change in life throughout the past years.

Back in 2013 the Money Sense Magazine ranked Edmonton as 31st most livable location in Canada in terms of its economy. Today (2015) Edmonton jumped to the 11th best location in Canada. One of the reasons for this ranking may be based on low taxes, but it's by far not the only one.

Delwar Jahid

Delwar Jahid

Edmontonians are passing through an exciting time. Edmonton offers a favorable job market relative to other Canadian cities. Labor shortages are equalized with adding foreign and skilled workers, which may be one of the reasons for Edmonton's rich diversity.

It is this rich diversity which makes Edmonton a great place to be. As residents of this city we enjoy to celebrate our commonalities and distinctiveness, and we benefit from the diversity of our people, their culture, heritage, and inventiveness.

The diversity and inclusiveness we find here in Edmonton, be it in its values or in its culture, helps us to improve our ability to connect and respond to a dynamic environment.

With the Diverse Edmonton Magazine we want to strengthen this diverse community, our organizations, projects and people, and stand out as an inspiration for our society. It is the ideas, power, and passion of our people here in Edmonton, which becomes an inspiration for us all.